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JP Renovation, Boston

Layers of history were discovered throughout the process of gutting this late 19th-century New England home, including the imprints of wallpaper on the original plaster; various sizes and patterns of wooden flooring planks, and details of hand-hewn post and beam construction.

By exposing both old and new processes, the renovation reveals early building elements as it adds a contemporary layer through the application of new materials and new ways of using domestic space.
In opening up the older enclosed rooms, the addition to the side allows for the inclusion of extensive glazing at each floor.Increased natural light is achieved throughout the year, as well as heat gain in the winter, and shading in the summer with the aid of projecting building elements and deciduous trees.
Strategically located operable windows and movable room dividers allow regulation of cross ventilation within the three main levels of the house in the summer, but also enclosure to retain heat inside rooms in the winter.